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Doppelganger Effect is best described as a quick punch of adrenaline and gravity laced with occasional sex, drugs, and firearms.

Scientifically designed for digital consumption, it is now available for .99 cent Kindle download from the Amazon bookstore.

... take the plunge.

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Doppelganger Effect, the debut non-fiction novel by gravity sports writer, Johnathon Allen, traces the origins of extreme sports by following the (mostly true) story of one person's search for identity through the pursuit of mountain biking, skiing, and bungee jumping as he attempts to solve the mystery of his past. Joey doesn't know his real name, his parents, or the source of his true origins. Compounding this identity crisis is the fact everywhere he goes, people think he's someone else. He is the epitome of a generation that has been cut free from the past into an unknown and potentially hazardous future with no map or compass; the first and only American generation to come of age without facing a major war; the generation they call X.

Doppelganger Effect is the debut non-fiction novel of gravity sports writer/photographer, Johnathon Allen--whose stories have appeared in BIKE, Mountain Bike Magazine, Outside, Wend, and other publications.
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